Sometimes it’s Okay…

10 Jul

Sometimes its okay to stay up late.



Sometimes it’s okay to let your kids eat junk food.



Sometimes it’s okay to get dirty.




Sometimes it’s okay if your kids get angry.


Sometimes it’s okay to push the boundaries.




Sometimes it’s okay to dance like no one’s watching.



Sometimes it’s okay to snuggle your kids to sleep.

Of all the above statements, this last one is the one that rang the truest for me this past weekend.  Jake woke up in the middle of the night, and started crying.  His noise woke up Cole, who was sharing a bed with him, and the two of them were whimpering “mommy, mommy” in the black night of the tent trailer.  Shivering, I crawled out of my toasty warm sleeping bag, crept my way across the tent trailer, and gingerly lay myself down on the bed in between them, careful to avoid tiny limbs in the process.  As soon as they felt my presence, they curled up to me, one on each side.  Both of them clung to me with their tiny arms, legs wrapped around my torso, and bodies snuggling into the curves of my frame.  “Kisses, hugs”, whispered Cole in the dark, and I willingly obliged.  And without another word, I felt both of their precious bodies begin to relax, their breathing become deeper and more regulated, until one by one, they sunk back into a deep sleep, releasing their death grip on me.  As I lay there in the dark, listening to my babies fall asleep, warmed by their body heat, I felt privileged to be a part of such a precious and fleeting moment.  Too often I am frustrated at the bedtime routine, but that night, I was stilled and calmed by the realization that sometimes it’s okay to snuggle your kids to sleep.

Sometimes, it’s okay…


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