Ringbearing 101…

04 Jul

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to celebrate with my friend and participate as a bridesmaid in her wedding.

This friend and I have walked a long journey together.  We have been friends for many years.  We have seen each other through boyfriends and breakups, through heartache and happiness, through loneliness and longing, and so much more.  She walked beside me as I entered the married phase of life, and has been there to hold each of my children as babies, and to be a part of the village that is raising my children.

And last weekend, I had the privilege to stand with her as she declared her vows to her new husband.
Oh, and did I mention that I was not the only member of the family to take part in her special day?  That’s right…Jake was a ring bearer for her ceremony!  And, he rocked it!

Ringbearing 101…

Use. Elmo. To. Get. Job. Done.

I wasn’t sure if Jake would actually make it down the aisle.  He gets distracted at the best of times, and I figured that with every seat in the house full and all eyes on him, he was likely to decide to play up to the crowd a little.  I do, after all, have a very social little boy!!

The bride, Merissa, however had a fantastic idea.  She thought that perhaps Jake just needed a little help to keep his eye on the goal.  And what better motivation than his favorite thing in the whole wide world…Elmo!  We gave one of Jake’s Elmo dolls to the best man, and when it was Jake’s turn to go down the aisle, he saw Elmo, his face lit up, and he bolted to the front to claim his prize!  So quickly, in fact, that he was not interested in stopping for the ring pillow, and so Curtis had to follow him down the aisle and turn over the rings!!  In the groom’s thank you speech at the end of the evening, he thanked Jake for his role as ringbearer, and he thanked Elmo, who made it possible!

It was a great day, amazing weather, and a joy and pleasure to be able to stand with my friend Merissa.  Congrats you guys:)


Me and Noah:)


My almost-two-year-old Cole!! What a big boy:)


Ring bearer Jake! (who by this point was more interested in his fishy crackers in the bowl than in getting his picture taken!)


This is the closest we could get to a family picture! When, oh when are we going to be able to just smile all together and look at the camera!!??


Just goofin’ around! Jake loves it when he can see himself in the camera and plays it up a lot more!


The beautiful bride Merissa, along with my great friend Julie. I love these girls!!

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