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Blog Hop: The Injustice Of It All…

In the Down syndrome blogging community, something called a “blog hop” is happening this summer, hosted by Meriah, the author of the blog A Little Moxie. The point of said blog hop? To get bloggers, such as myself, to write posts specific to issues surrounding disability. To get us thinking, to get us reflecting, to get us capturing thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding disability in a tangible form. Here are my thoughts for the sixth writing prompt, which is:

Vent: An Open Letter to Someone / Something That Pisses You Off

Dear Injustice,

You have some nerve, do you know that? You regularly get my “justice meter” all riled up, as I hear through the grapevine of this or that story in which you have once again reared your ugly head. You make me so angry I could spit. Every time I catch wind of your new exploits, I feel the need to vent, to be enraged, and to passionately express my disapproval at your very existence.

I wish I could obliterate you once and for all. I desperately desire to see you destroyed, annihilated, brought to ruin and destruction. You have, after all, accomplished the same thing for so many others, it would be deliciously appealing to watch you get a taste of your own medicine.

You know that I get fired up whenever I hear of your conquests, whether on an individual level, or on a larger scale such as the world stage. It doesn’t matter to me the form in which you present yourself, I find you detestable no matter the instance.

What really gets me though, is when you make it personal. When you decide to wile your way into my family, when you affect my children, and in particular my oldest son. When you present circumstances in which my son Jake has to live with injustice, inequality, and unfairness. When his little three-year-old life presents so many more challenges, so many more obstacles, and so much more opportunity for disrespect.

If it were up to me, you would cease to exist. If it were up to me, you would have no power to influence people into perpetuating your cycles and patterns. If it were up to me, you would be erased from the pages of history, and your name would never be spoken again.

I will promise you one thing. I vow to live until my dying day waging war against you. I commit to doing my part to create a world in which your influence is minimal, in which you are the minority. I pledge to spend the rest of my life fighting for my son, for my family, and for those who have no voice because you have taken it away.

Until we meet again,


I will fight against injustice in all its forms, but especially when it affects this: my family.

I will fight against injustice in all its forms, but especially when it affects this: my family.




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