[31 for 21] ~ Through Your Eyes…

16 Oct

I am so excited this morning to introduce you all to another guest blogger! I love it that I get to share other people’s perspectives, and take a step back so that I can let other voices speak louder than my own:)

Today my very dear friend Julie is sharing her heart with us.
Julie and I have been friends for ages (I really and truly can’t even remember how long!!). We have walked with each other through many of life’s greatest joys and deepest valleys. She has journeyed with me through singleness, through marriage, and through the birth of each one of my precious babes, and she has always had the perspective I need in the times I need it most. I cherish her friendship dearly, and am so pleased that she agreed to share her heart today.

So, without further adieu, enjoy!!



Through Your Eyes

I love my friend’s kids.  When you get to journey with someone from single to married to having babies – the love for those little minions runs deep.

One thing I have realized lately is that I get to see Jake through his mother’s eyes.  I get the privilege of seeing her in the trenches slugging it out and I get to walk with her through the turmoil and frustration. But I also get to see her love her kid. I love Jake because she loves him. I see his potential because SHE sees it and talks about it and helps to make it happen.  And she invites me in on the journey.

I see Jake as an incredible person.  Every milestone is a celebration.  Every moment spent with him is a gift.

As a friend, I see my role to be a listener, a learner, and one who reminds.  I listen to the frustrations, the fears, the hopes, the dreams, the victories, and the setbacks.  As I listen, I learn, gathering information that helps me know how to be more intentional with Jake.  And I store pillar moments of Jake’s life in my mind so that when my dear friend is at the end of her rope, I can remind her how far Jake has come, and how there is no doubt in my mind that she is doing exactly what she needs to as Jake’s mom.

Karyn, I see Jake through YOUR eyes.  You, the one who fights for him, who loves him, who enjoys life with him, who invites others in on the most rewarding journey of seeing this little guy thrive.  I want that for Jake too because of you.

So thank you.  Thank you for inviting me in to be a part of something truly great.

My favorite things about Jake.

When he says THANK YOU!, he really means it. He declares it.  And emphasizes the YOU.  He kind of sounds like Mr. T.

He always has a smile when he says my name – OOEE (Julie!).  He also declares it that like Mr T.  My heart melts every time.

From a baby he’s been a goof.  A great sense of humor.  Funny faces, showing off by doing the craziest moves around the living room.

He loves to learn.  He loves to discover.  And he’s incredibly determined to do things himself.  This independent spirit has given Karyn enough material to write a book.

To Jake!

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