[31 for 21] ~ Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

12 Oct

On Saturday morning, Curtis and I spent the morning starting the daunting process of cleaning out the garage, so that perhaps when the snow comes we can actually park in there! Okay, really it was Curtis doing the bulk of the work; I was just there for moral support (or maybe just to be bossy!).

Our kids, especially Jake and Cole, absolutely love to be out in the garage doing whatever Curtis is doing. They also really love playing in his car…pushing all the buttons, changing all the settings, and honking the horn every time they think Curtis isn’t paying enough attention to them!

So on Saturday morning we were in the garage, with the overhead door wide open. We were probably out there for 3 hours, cleaning, moving, sweeping, and trashing lots of stuff. Our kiddos were out there with us (all in just underwear and diapers I might add…we truly did look like a very ghetto family!!) and all of our kids, including Jake, stayed in the car / garage area and entertained themselves. Did you hear that? I mean truly hear that? Jake. Did. Not. Run. Away!!

This might not seem like a big deal to most people, but trust me folks, this is a big deal!

It is a big deal that Jake stayed with us.
It is a big deal that Jake entertained himself in one place for 3 hours.
It is a big deal that Jake didn’t try and run away, not even once!

One year ago, or even as recently as a few months ago, Curtis and I wondered if the day would ever come in which Jake would not try and run away at every opportunity. He has a penchant for exploring, for adventure, and for not caring about being in our proximity. We spent the better part of four years truly believing that our lot in life was to be on high alert with Jake for the rest of our lives. We have been pleasantly surprised in the past few months, however, that there has been some growth and new developments in this area, and that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, it doesn’t always have to be the major milestones that cause us the greatest joys.
Sometimes it’s the little things…!


Just hanging out in my underwear, walking through the pile of dirt!!



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One response to “[31 for 21] ~ Sometimes it’s the Little Things…

  1. Maureen Slater

    October 12, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    That “is” a big deal. Way to go Jake.
    PS I’m so glad you and Curtis had your clothes on. xo


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