Where I’m From…

18 Jan

For Christmas this year, my amazing husband bought me a writing course!

It is a course called “Find Your Writing Voice”, and it is facilitated by a writer named Allison Vesterfelt.
I am thoroughly enjoying it so far, although I am going at a slower pace than the rest of the people in the course (must be the munchkins slowing me down!).

For the first assignment, we were required to think back to some memories of our past, and then write a poem (yikes!) based on the model of a poet named George Ella Lyons, who wrote a poem called “Where I’m From“. The point behind the assignment was to get at the fact that everything that we have lived already impacts our writing, whether consciously or subconsciously. By consciously remembering aspects of the past, we can knowingly bring them to acknowledgement when we write.

It was a cool assignment, and made me think. A lot.
So, although this is much different than what I usually blog about, I am going to post what I came up with, in a constant effort to be transparent and to improve this thing I do called writing!

Where I’m From

I am from music and missionaries,
from expectations exceeded, promises unbroken,
and the family piano, fusing generations.

I am from frozen mocha cheesecakes,
from olives at Christmas and rows upon rows of pickles.
I am from pink dog and French braids,
from underwear-clad hair curlers and underwater exploration.

I am from competition.
From drive and desire to please, from perfectionism.
The sapling offshoot of the old family oak tree, firmly planted, rooted in stubbornness.

I am from snaky-snakes and criss-crosses,
from girlhood giggles and laughter, anger and tears,
from make-up hugs and driveway sleepovers.
I am from Monopoly,
from hand-squeezes during prayer and the feeling of complete security and belonging (even lipstick-less).

I am from memory, from reality,
from family.

And as always, I’d love to share some pics of my kiddos too! They have nothing to do with the poem or the assignment, they’re just cute!







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One response to “Where I’m From…

  1. Jen Cook

    January 18, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Love your poem, Karyn. Just beautiful.


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