[31 for 21] ~ Stories of Hope, Part 2…

27 Oct


Today’s word is hope.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about hope, linking to a video about Tim, an incredible man with Down syndrome who owns his own restaurant, called “Tim’s Place“. Today I want to share another story of hope, coming out of our very own city. The Media Release about Sensei Natalie Olson explains the honor that she has of being able to go to Germany and compete in Karate.

What isn’t explained in the Media Release below, however, is a little more detail about Sensei Natalie Olson. Here it is, word for word from an email that was sent by Natalie’s parents to the Executive Director of PREP, the organization where Jake attends preschool (Natalie is a graduate of the PREP program, and this email was meant to be read and shared by many!):

“Her (Natalie) karate sensei challenged her to complete her Black Belt. We, her parents, her strongest supporters, didn’t think she could do it. But her senseis (Heather Fidyk and her husband Darren) did believe in her. Last May, we travelled to Edson, Alberta where she was presented along with 21 other contenders to be tested. She was one of the successful 12 who passed. Her tester said it was one of the most enjoyable gradings he’s ever done. This from someone who rarely smiles and never gives compliments! She became the first person with Down syndrome in Canada to achieve this rank in Wado Kai karate.”

Again I say it: so much hope. So much potential. So much to look forward to.

Go Natalie Go!!

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