[31 for 21] ~ That Is Progress, People!…

22 Oct


Today’s word is hope.

Ever since we started preschool in September, we have been pushing the hearing aids.
“Hearing aids?” you ask…”Does Jake wear hearing aids?!”

The answer is yes. He does (sort of). We have had them for quite a while. We went through a phase where we used them a lot, and then I had a baby. And I found it almost impossible to do everything else that we had going on in our lives, plus try and watch Jake 24-7 to make sure he wasn’t ripping them off and trying to eat them (which he has done multiple times). When we started preschool, however, we decided that it really was in his best interest to use them, and so off we went.

The only problem was, they were too small. The molds no longer fit properly in his ears, and so he would get annoyed by them very easily (I don’t blame him) and then rip them out. Constantly. All the time. Today, however, we picked up our new molds. And wonder of wonders, he left them in for a good two hours before he began to try and take them off! Progress people, that is progress!

Wanna know what else is progress? (even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you!) He has come up to me several times, as well as to Curtis a couple of times (so it’s not just my imagination) with the case in which the hearing aids reside. He has handed me the case, and pointed to his ears. Hallelujah! They are obviously making a difference and he is clearly enjoying his heightened sense of hearing if he has asked for them several times now. Hope springs eternal…hope that he will wear them, that they will make a difference, and that his speech and communication will just take off from here.

*I recognize that these pics have nothing to do with hearing! I just liked them*






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One response to “[31 for 21] ~ That Is Progress, People!…

  1. Kathy L

    October 22, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    YAY!!!! So exciting!


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