[31 for 21] ~ Thankful for the Journey…

13 Oct

Heartache. Happiness. Hope.

Today I felt as though all of these words fit.

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving.
Throughout the weekend I have been ruminating on what I am thankful for, and the list is long. We are so blessed. We have incredible family members who support and love us unconditionally. We have friends with whom we find deep, true community. We have amazing children who are the light of our lives. I have an incredible husband who supports me and encourages me to pursue my dreams. We have health, we have stability, we live in Canada, we have access to resources and supports, we have an amazing church family, and the list goes on.

Every Thanksgiving, however, I also stop and ponder the question of “am I thankful for Jake’s diagnosis of Down syndrome?”.

I don’t know if I can answer that in a “yes” or “no” statement.
What I do know is that I am thankful for the journey.

I am thankful for the heartache of those early days, when the diagnosis was new, the pain was fresh, the grief was overwhelming. No one wishes for heartache, but often those who encounter it find themselves becoming versions of themselves that they never knew existed.

I am thankful for the happiness that accompanies the ordinary moments of our present lives. We love life with our three kids! We have some differences, some aspects that are difficult, some uniqueness to our journey, but we also live fairly typical lives. We love our kids, we are raising our kids the best we know how, we would do anything to see our kids succeed. Period. Full stop. Diagnosis or not. And that ordinary, everyday, fierce love, that makes me happy.

I am thankful for the hope that lies in our future, in Jake’s future. I am thankful for the changing face of Down syndrome. I am thankful that we live in a society that is beginning to shift its perception of disability. I am thankful for the countless stories I hear of amazing individuals with Down syndrome, and I anticipate the day when stories will be told about my son, as he reaches for the sky and learns to use his potential.

Heartache. Happiness. Hope.
All three of these are aspects of the journey. All three of these vitally important. All three of these I am thankful for.

And them. I’m thankful for them! I am so blessed. DSC_9875

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