Bedtime, Bubbles, and Belonging…

25 Jun


I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who chimed in about the battle of bedtime!  When I wrote my last post, I was literally at my wits end.  My kiddos wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t stay in bed (they were sharing a room), and they were wearing me down night after night!

Thankfully, we have mitigated the problem, and we are doing much better!
After a hard fought battle, I had to admit defeat.  Perhaps my children are just not ready for that much freedom and independence!  So, much to my chagrin, we split them up again into separate rooms (Cole will now have to share with the baby).  I was still gravely concerned that separating them would not solve the problem of Jake getting out of bed and playing until all hours of the night, but it has!  I am pleased to say that my children have both adjusted really well since being separated, and will now go to bed at night with little to no objection!  Nothing is forever, and we may try and put them back together down the road, but for now, this is working, so why mess with a good thing?!


I love watching the magic of discovering the little joys in life through the eyes of my children.
To me, bubbles are old hat.  To my children, however, they are a new experience, an expansion of the world as they know it.
I love the way their faces contort with concentration while attempting to master the skill of blowing bubbles, and then light up with delight upon the successful completion of said skill.  I think the pictures speak for themselves!







and Belonging:

Every year, Ups & Downs: Calgary Down Syndrome Association puts on a walk called “Street Meet” (somewhat akin to the “Buddy Walk” in the States, but on an infinitely smaller scale).  This year, we invited our extended family, we met at Fish Creek Park, did a 3K walk, and then had a BBQ, games for the kids, etc…
It reinforced to me the sense of belonging that we feel.  We belong within our families.  Jake belongs right along with us.  There is no distinction, no differentiation, no distance.  We belong.  We are blessed.







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