Techie Toddler…

12 Jun

I officially have a techie toddler!

I have also learned an important lesson about Jake’s capacity for learning.

I would have pegged my oldest son as the guy who takes a while to catch on.  There are some things we have been working on for over a year that he still doesn’t get, like needing to stop and hold hands before crossing the road.  But give the kid an iPad with an interactive game, and the myth about being a slower learner is completely and utterly dispelled!

I. Was. Shocked.  I could not believe how quickly Jake caught on to the first game I showed him on the iPad.  It took all of about 5 minutes for him to understand the concept, grasp what he was supposed to do, and get down to work!  And the smile on his face when he did what was asked of him correctly and the pomp and ceremony from the game ensued, well that was worth a million bucks:)

In no way am I anticipating that the iPad will take over the time I have spent doing activities with Jake and helping him to learn.  In no way am I viewing the iPad as a babysitter ~ he knows he only plays it when I am there with him.  In no way am I allowing the use of technology to eclipse all the great life lessons that can be learned in other ways.  But…all the dangers of technology aside, I also believe it can be a very effective tool.  And apparently, Jake thinks so too!!


What are some of your favorite educational apps for your little ones?

(for those of you who are interested, this is Jake’s favorite app so far.  It is called “Endless Reader” by Originator Inc.)



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