Spread Your Wings And Fly…

07 May

Can I tell you a secret?

I’m scared to let go of my kids.

I like it that I control the majority of their environment at this stage of their life.
I like it that my husband and I are the biggest influences in their lives right now.
I like it that they are still very dependent on me.

…spread your wings and fly, Jake…

Last weekend, I was forced to face the reality that it’s time.  Time to allow Jake to spread his wings and fly.

It was a small event, insignificant to the average passerby.  To me, however, it was a window into the future, a glimpse of what’s to come.

Last weekend, Jake “graduated” to the 3-year-old class at church, since he will be turning 3 in a week.
The only thing asked of me was that I stay for the beginning of the class, where he would be with all of the other children of all ages, for a time of singing.
I brought him to the class, and was about to sit down with him in my lap, like I have countless other times for his parented classes.  As I was arranging myself cross-legged on the floor, however, the thought that flitted through my head was “let him go, see how he does”…

So I did.  I entrusted him to the expert care of his four older cousins, and sat on the sidelines, watching with fear and trepidation.  And what followed was truly amazing.

He held his cousin’s hand.  He stood at the very front of the group.  He watched the leader, who was singing and doing actions to the songs.  He tried to imitate the actions.  He clapped, danced, turned around, shouted, and had a great time interacting with the music!  In fact, he was the only 3-year-old there who was engaged with what was going on (how’s that for a proud mama moment!!).  Yes, he got distracted a couple of times.  Yes, there was a moment I thought I was going to have to step in and intervene.  But I didn’t, and the moment resolved itself (thank goodness for older cousins!).

My eyes filled with tears as I watched my little boy grow up in an instant.

He spread his wings.  He flew.  And my heart soared with him.


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One response to “Spread Your Wings And Fly…

  1. Kathy L

    May 7, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Well done Momma…. I know how hard I have struggled, and at times failed, with this same issue… great job, and yes, thank you for older cousins!!! 🙂


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