Blue, Yellow, and Special Guests…

17 Mar

Last year on March 21 (World Down Syndrome Day), my oldest nephews Elijah (9 years) and Jonah (7 years) shared about Jake in their class at school.  They talked a little bit about Down syndrome, and showed their class a picture of Jake, explaining who he was and why they loved him so much (you can read my post about it in my post from last year about Raising Awareness).  It was a great opportunity for them to teach their peers about inclusion, acceptance, and love.

Fast forward to this year.  With no prompting whatsoever, they were already asking me at the beginning of March when WDSD was, and if they could do another presentation in their classes!  This year, however, they wanted to do more than a presentation.  They wanted to be able to give their classmates not only information, but also an experience.

We decided that there were two great ways to do this!

The first way that we came up with was to tap into the current fad of the “Rainbow Loom”, and make blue and yellow bracelets (the official WDSD colors), one for every kid in their class!!  They thought this would be a great way to give their classmates something that they could take home and have as a memory of WDSD.  What a great idea!!

The second way we came up with was that we thought it would be fun to be able to introduce their classmates to Jake in person!  With permission from both of their schools, Jake and I will be joining them in their classes this coming Wednesday, March 19 (they are on March Break on the 21st, so we had to do it early!!).  We will cheer them on as they proudly do their presentations, and as they have a chance to “show off” their cousin, who they adore!

It is stories like this, of raising awareness, teaching about acceptance, love, respect, and inclusion, that get me excited!  I would LOVE to hear more stories like this, so if you have any from your own experiences, please send them my way:)


Elijah (left) and Jonah (right) with the blue and yellow bracelets they’ve already made for their classmates for WDSD!

Also, two quick reminders for you, coming out of my last post (which you can read here):

The first is to help me create a word cloud for Jake, by submitting your short description of who Jake is, and/or what Jake means to you.
The more descriptions I get, the better the word cloud describing Jake will be!  So please get them in to me by Thursday, March 20 at the latest, so that I can post the finished product on WDSD.

The second is just a reminder that on Friday, March 21 (WDSD) we are wearing blue and yellow in support of Jake!  Please join us if you can, and send me a picture to stand in solidarity with us!


A preview of the blue and yellow (and stylin’) outfits my boys will be sporting to celebrate WDSD!

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