We’re Playing!…

20 Jan

Last night we had dinner with some friends.

(Not to sidetrack too much, but on a side note: it felt wonderful!  It seems as though the last month has been surrounded by sickness, and therefore isolation.  We were missing community.  To sit and watch our children play together while we enjoyed a delicious dinner and some adult conversation was good for the soul.)

One of the couples we were with has a daughter named Nayeli, who is just about Jake’s age.  She is such a sweetheart, and her and Jake have grown up together from the day they were born.  It has been bittersweet to watch the two of them develop together; chronologically the same age, but developmentally much different.  I have rejoiced for her parents, and reveled in her development, anticipating the day that Jake meets the same milestones that she has already surpassed.  Their play up until recently has been side-by-side play; playing in the same area, but each doing their separate activities.

Lately, however, that seems to be changing.  And it is warming my heart!

After dinner last night, the adults were all sitting around the table chatting, but we had released the children from their chairs to go and play.  Jake and Nayeli both found plastic kid chairs, and proceeded to push them around the dining room, into the kitchen, around the island, and back into the dining room.  Over. And. Over.  And not only were they pushing them together, but they were actually chasing each other around, laughing and screaming with delight!  Then Cole got in on the action too, and all three of them were just running around, squealing with joy, laughing uncontrollably, and having a grand ol’ time!

The highlight for me was when Nayeli ran out of the kitchen breathlessly, and exclaimed to us:

“We’re Playing!”

Developmental milestones met or not, my heart soared!  Our kids were playing together, and having a great time.  There were no boundaries, no language barriers, no developmental delays.  There were just three little kids, having a great time together, reveling in the moment.

And I sighed with contentment:)

Interactive playing the last time we hung out too:)  Didn't get any pictures of the chair game, but these are equally as cute:)

Interactive playing the last time we hung out too:) Didn’t get any pictures of the chair game, but these are equally as cute:)


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