[31 for 21] ~ “No Ordinary Day”

31 Oct

Today is no ordinary day…it is the last day of October!  I made it through the “31 for 21 Challenge” (well, except for one day…) and it feels good:)
Today is no ordinary day…I am not blogging today!  I asked my dad, Jake’s grandpa, if he would write a guest post, so these precious words and thoughts come from him.  Thanks Dad, I love you, and I love your heart:)
Here’s what he has to say…

“No Ordinary Day”

It was “no ordinary day”. No, May 15, 2011 was “no ordinary day”.  It was a monumental day.  It
was the day scheduled for my daughter Karyn to give birth to her first baby.  The air was electric with
excitement!  I remember it well.  It was a beautiful, sunny spring day.  The air was crisp and clear.  We
were more than ready to welcome our sixth grandchild into our family!

Her mom Kathy and I, her sister Karla and her husband Dave, and our third “adopted” daughter Sarah
were all at the hospital with Karyn and Curtis.

Excitement, you bet!  Anticipation, absolutely!  But there was also a certain tension, a hesitation of
sorts, for what God was about to do in the collective life of our family.  You see, Karyn was being
followed closely by a high risk Obstetrics Specialist from the early stages of the pregnancy.  As the
weeks progressed it became apparent, by ultrasound, that the baby was what is called “small for dates”.
In other words the baby was not meeting the size and weight markers for the gestational weeks.  It
became obvious to the medical specialists that the baby (Jake, as we now know him) was not receiving
adequate nutrition and may not make it into this world alive if left until forty weeks. The decision was
made to deliver the baby by caesarean section as soon as possible.  We were only 33 weeks into the

Back to May 15, 2011!  The “clan” mentioned above were all gathered at the Foothills Medical Centre
in Calgary.  We surrounded Karyn in her pre-delivery room and prayed.  Later in the evening Karyn
was wheeled into the surgical suite and we were asked to relax in the waiting area.  Since we did not
know the sex of the baby at that time, all bets were on re: boy or girl, and weight.  Since Kathy and I
were already the proud grandparents of five grandsons, my “money” was on having another boy.  I
also guessed the weight at 3lbs 4 ½ oz.  At approximately 9:20 Curtis exited the surgical suite, still in
his hospital “scrubs”, beaming from ear to ear, and announced that Karyn had indeed delivered a boy
weighing in at 3lb 5oz.  Of course, I won the bet and made much ado about it.  What a privilege, God had
given us another boy.  Everyone was elated.

The “crash” came the next day when Kathy called me at work and told me that Jake had been diagnosed
with Trisomy 21, or Down Syndrome.  I fell apart, and cried my heart out!  I was angry at God – why
would a loving God let something like this happen.  Was it payback for the sins in MY life?  Certainly it
was nothing Karyn or Curtis did that caused this “monumental disaster”.  I wondered if I would ever
be able to accept the situation, let alone accept Jake.  I struggled – boy was this ever a test of faith.
However, after I held Jake in my arms for the first time and quietly, prayerfully, offered him up to God, I
knew I had to place my trust in a Holy God that doesn’t make mistakes.

Well, Jake spent the first two months of his life in the same NICU in which two of our others grandsons had
spent the first few months of their twin lives.  Karyn, and Jake, received nothing but the finest of care
and attention both at the Foothills and Rocky View Medical Centres.

I was taught a lesson in forgiveness about six weeks later when an aneurysm in my brain decided to
rupture.  Wouldn’t you know, that was the day Karyn was scheduled to bring Jake home.  With a brilliant
surgical team, I was given a second chance to live.  Life took on new meaning for me, and at that point I
knew I needed to give God, and Jake a second chance as well.  I have loved Jake with all my heart from
then on, and have never looked back.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, October 29, 2013.  I called Karyn and stopped in for lunch with her and the boys (Jake, of course, has been joined by his little brother, Cole).  Whenever I spend time with Jake I
leave having been blessed and regenerated.  I believe God is the author of the blessing, and I give Him
praise.  I continue to see both physical, emotional, and personality advances in Jake, and it blows me

And Jake, just so you know – you are absolutely perfect in my eyes, and in God’s eyes.  I wouldn’t
change a thing about you.  I love you with all my heart, and hope to be around for many more years to
watch you grow and mature, and hopefully be a part of it.

Grandpa Keith.

And as always, a couple pictures of my precious babes:)  Thanks Dad.  I love you.






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