[31 for 21] A Little Preview…

29 Oct

Today I’m going to answer the rest of the questions that I received from my Q&A plea.  And also, I wanted to give you a little preview of what Halloween night is going to look like around our house:)  (Warning: these kiddos are dang cute!)

How mad will you be if Jake says my name before yours? Ha!
This question came from one of my best friends.  To my children, she is “Auntie Sarah”.  She plays a huge role in their lives, and they love her to death!  I feel really blessed to have her in my life as such a good friend, and to have her influence in the lives of my kiddos.

The answer to the question, Sarah, is VERY!  I will be really mad:)  But I don’t think we have much to worry about…I’m confident in my son’s ability to reach into the speech and language portion of his brain and pull out the big guns for my name!

What do the boys have in common? How do they play and get along? Do they take care of each other, fight etc…?
I would wager a guess that cognitively speaking, Jake and Cole are fairly similar in terms of development.  They both seem to be at the same stage in terms of learning how to play with each other, learning how to share, learning not to take toys, hit, or push, and learning the meaning of the “m” word (that would be “MINE!!”).  These tough life lessons can obviously make for some occasional tension between them, but for the most part, Jake and Cole actually play really well together and get along great.  They do have their moments for sure, but I think that is to be expected with siblings!  I can often let them play together for an hour or more, and rarely hear skirmishes or squabbles.  I think they are too young at this point to “take care of each other”, but they do get along quite well.  When they do fight, it is typical sibling stuff!

You mentioned previously that Jake is a picky eater.  What types of things will he eat and any tips/tricks for expanding his food repertoire or getting him to eat?
If only I had the market cornered on a good answer to this question!  The truth is, Jake is an incredibly picky eater.  He has a decent repertoire of a few basic things, but it is extremely hard to get him to try new things.  I have often felt as though I am banging my head against the wall when it comes to mealtimes, especially supper.  We have worked with an OT on this issue (Occupational Therapist) who suggests repetition, and a positive environment.  I can’t remember the exact statistic, but they say that a child needs to be exposed to something a crazy amount of times, like 17 or something, before they can decide if they like it or not.  Our OT has also told us that exposure does not necessarily mean eating.  Exposure could be that they look at it.  Smell it.  Touch it.  Play with it.  Taste it and spit it out.  The positive environment piece means that we should never be forcing Jake to eat something, or creating an atmosphere where he feels pressured or threatened.
Speaking from experience as someone who grew up understanding that it was my responsibility to eat what was served to me, this is sometimes really hard for me to deal with!  I want to make one meal for my family, not two, or three!!  I am hoping and praying, however, that this is a stage, and that eventually this too shall pass!!

What if when I meet Jake he runs off with my glasses (or something un-nice). Do I say “bad” or what?
This answer is actually easy for me!  In my post “3 Things I Wish You Wouldn’t Do”, I wrote that my hope is that people, myself included, do not treat Jake differently because he has a disability.  I am speaking, of course, in terms of my hopes and expectations for Jake.  I expect Jake to behave, to be respectful, and to be polite, just as I would expect those behaviors of any of my other children.  With this in mind I would answer your question.  Personally, I would choose not to say “bad” if my child exhibits a behavior that is not fitting.  But I will always tell him to stop what he is doing, I will look him in the eye and say “no, Jake, we don’t _________ (insert undesirable action here!), and then I will make him say sorry (through sign).  He is not great at the saying sorry part yet, but I believe that consistency will help to change that. 

And…A Little Preview:)




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