Corn Maze Adventures…

20 Sep

A few weeks ago, my mom took us on an adventure.

We went to the Calgary Corn Maze for the day, along with my sister and her five boys.  This place is awesome!  It’s a giant corn maze, but they also have about a million other things for kids to do.  And I think the pictures speak for themselves, shouting loud and clear that my kiddos had a blast:)

Thanks grandma!







I learned some interesting new fun facts about my kids while I was there too.

Cole absolutely adored the animals.  There were a couple of goat pens that you could go right in and walk on over to the goats, and Cole showed no fear and wasted no time getting his little fingers right up in the goats’ faces, where they proceeded to lick him:)  Jake, on the other hand, hung back a little bit more, and gave up interest in the animals much quicker than Cole did.

Jake has absolutely no sense of danger, and loves trying new things in which he is using his body.  There was one giant dirt hill that they had put a plastic tarp down on, so that it was kind of like a giant slide.  The kids had to walk up the dirt hill, and then launch themselves down the slide.  Jake. Loved. It.  He needed help getting up the hill because it was so steep, but no one could stop him from launching himself down the slide, laughing the whole way.

All in all, it was a great day, a new adventure, and a fantastic “grandma-date-day”.  Thanks again grandma!  We had a blast!

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