I Play the Numbers Game…

28 Jul

Here are some random fun facts involving numbers for you today.  Happy Sunday!
(*also, a shout out to my friend Kate, who gave me the inspiration for the numbers post*!)

7 = The number of children that I am in charge of this week!!  My sister and her husband went to New York City to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  So, we have been staying at her house this week, looking after not only my two munchkins, but also her five wonderful boys.  It has been a crazy, awesome, fun, laughter-filled week!

12 = The number of cups of Jello that we made on “baking day”.  We also made 12 pigs in a blanket.  And 4 croissants.

2 = The number of children that have strep throat this week.  Yep, they are my two babies.  Jake and Cole both got sick, and are now both on the mend!

10 = The number of people that were sitting at our table last night for the fantastic wedding that we got to go to!  A huge congrats to our friends Doug and Erika!  It was a fantastic day, with amazing people, good friends, lots of laughter, and no children:)  Also, a huge shout out to my mom for babysitting all 7 grandchildren for the whole day:)

1 = The number of times it took for me to learn that Jake knows a new trick!  If I put him down for a nap wearing just a diaper, I come back to this:

79 = The approximate number of times over the past week that I have been sitting with my nephews and my sons, and one of my nephews will come over, sit in my lap, look up at me with their big brown eyes, and say “love you Auntie” out of the blue.  Makes my heart melt every time!

9 = My tiredness level on a scale of 1 to 10!!!

8 = The number of eggs that I poked holes in and emptied the insides out of so that we could do egg decorating for “craft day”.  Incidentally, 8 is also the number of eggs that got made into scrambled eggs the next day for breakfast!

40 = The number of items on the picture-taking scavenger hunt that we did the other day.

1 = The number of really adorable hats that Cole got for his birthday, that happens to look fantastic on both of my children!


And, last but not least…

5 = The number of days left before my husband gets a week off and we get to relax and hang out as a family:)

Happy Sunday.

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One response to “I Play the Numbers Game…

  1. Kathy L

    July 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Fun post Karyn!!! You are an amazing Auntie and sister….. What a blessing for K&D 🙂


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