Celebrating the Milestones…

21 Jul

Splash Park Pizza Party on a Saturday afternoon?  Yes please!!

Celebrating the milestones of our lives has taken on a new meaning for me since we have had children.  I always thought it was important and meaningful, but now doubly so.  I want my children to grow up having rich and meaningful experiences.  The kind where they truly understand how important, how special, how precious, and how loved they really are.  The kind where they are surrounded by family and friends, people who bless our children and build into their lives, people who hold our children in their hearts in special and unique ways.  The kind where they can let loose, be free to be innocent, fun-loving kids.  The kind like was held yesterday for the celebration of Cole’s first birthday!




We had the party at our local splash park!  We ate snacks, ordered pizza, and enjoyed cake together:



We sat around in the sun, chased our children around the pool, watched them play and interact with each other, and enjoyed the couple of hours where it seemed as though the world was joyous, carefree, and childlike.





IMG_7436  IMG_7580  IMG_7634
Cole, here’s to you:)
May you always know how loved you are.  May you feel safety, security, self-worth, and a sense of belonging.  You are such a blessing.


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