24 Jun

**Note:  This post is not DS related.  But it is related to what is happening in our life right now!**

The past few days have been surreal.

Floods.  Hurricanes.  Mudslides.  Tsunamis.  And the list goes on.  You often hear of natural disasters of epic proportions affecting other places.  Places that are far away.  Places that hold no personal significance.  Places that, while your heart goes out to, you feel strangely detached from at the same time.

Until something happens in your own backyard.  In your own city.  In front of your very eyes.

(Photo courtesy of the National Post)

The flooding in Southern Alberta that has taken place over the past few days has been devastating.  Horrendous.  Unimaginable.  Close to 100,000 people evacuated from their homes in Calgary alone.  Too much damage to even begin to fathom at this time.  Highways and bridges washed out.  Power to the downtown core shut off for what could be weeks to come.  Destruction.  Devastation.  Desolation.

(Video courtesy of Global News.  This is a long video, but it’s worth watching at least the first minute or so…)

The redeeming factors in all this?

I would say the redeeming factor would be the SPIRIT of Calgary.  People have been turned away from volunteer opportunities, because there are TOO MANY people trying to volunteer.  Wow.  There has been no major looting, stealing, people turning on each other.  The air is permeated with a sense of community, camaraderie, and hope.  People are turning out to help friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers.

Thankfully, we live in a community high on a hill, far away from the river.  Our house has not been affected.  We are blessed.  But we stand together with the rest of Calgary, as we seek to partner hand-in-hand together to attempt to rebuild.  To restore.  To recreate.

Stay safe friends.

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