And…More Surgery…

17 Jun

That’s right.  There is more surgery in the cards for this household.  This afternoon, in fact.

This time it’s for Jake.

Technically, I don’t know if this would count as surgery.  Thousands of kiddos get it.  It is low-risk.  It is quick and painless.  But as a mama, any time you have to put your kid through something, even if it’s for their own good, it is still hard.  Any time you have to hand your kiddo over to a team of nurses and doctors, who are taking your precious kiddos life into their hands, it is nerve-wracking.

That’s the bad news.  Here’s the good news…this procedure is for Jake to FINALLY get tubes put in his ears!!  You can read more about this journey of patience we have been on HERE (written in Feb 2012) or HERE (written in Feb 2013), but needless to say, although I am understandably nervous, I am also incredibly excited that this day has finally arrived!  The goal is that once the tubes are in, the fluid that’s been sitting in his ears forever will drain, thus eliminating his conductive hearing loss.

Here are a couple of pics of my baby boy, 14 hours into fasting, waiting as patiently as he knows how in the pre-op room, and making all the nurses ooh and aah over him with his mischievous little grin and his happy-go-lucky antics…

Pre-op, just hangin' out in the crib!

Pre-op, just hangin’ out in the crib!

Jake taking selfies with my phone!

Jake taking selfies with my phone!

We are sad:( And snuggly.

We are sad:(
And snuggly.

Trying to escape...

Trying to escape…

Yep, I totally photo-bombed Jake's selfie!!

Yep, I totally photo-bombed Jake’s selfie!!

Update:  Well today ended up being extremely frustrating for me as a parent.  After starving my child all day, waiting around for what seemed like forever, carrying my precious Jake into the operating room, laying him down on the table, watching the anesthesiologist put him to sleep, and waiting anxiously in the waiting room, we found out that when the surgeon went to actually make the incisions in his ear drums and put the tubes in, his ears were, in fact, too small:(

So, here we go again.  Another 6 months of waiting, and we will have to do this day all over again.  Kudos to the surgeon for trying and for doing his very best to help us.  But alas, we wait.


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2 responses to “And…More Surgery…

  1. Laura Janson

    June 18, 2013 at 10:10 am

    How frustrating!!!!! Tube surgery seems so simple yet it is so frustrating. Ben’s tubes went in in July and were clogged by February!


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