Let the Adventure Begin!…

18 May

I am sitting here in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, having completed the first half of our journey to Guatemala!

I am sitting here with 8 other people, ready to embark on a great adventure, ready to “change the world”, but more importantly, ready to be changed by the world.

I am sitting here, sad to have had to say goodbye to my wonderful husband (who will spend the next 12 days as a single parent) and my 2 precious kiddos, who I will miss like crazy over the next few days.



I am sitting here, filled with anticipation of things to come, looking forward to getting to know these people better, and excited to serve together.


I probably won’t have a ton of access to technology (for personal use) while I’m gone, but we do have a trip blog.  If you’re interested in checking it out and following us with what we’re up to, you can get to the page by clicking HERE.

Thanks for supporting me and encouraging me friends:)
Looking forward to the next few days, and looking forward to sharing my journey with you, if not in the moment, then when I get back home and start to process.

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