‘Tis the Season…

25 Nov

I am a huge fan of Christmas!

I love everything about this time of year.  I know I have a very idyllic view of Christmas, as a time when the world is right and everyone lives in peace and harmony, filled with love and good cheer.  I recognize that I view the holidays through rose-colored glasses.  I fully acknowledge that not everyone shares my excitement, enthusiasm, and fanaticism over the holidays.  And I’m okay with that.  But for me, ’tis the season!

This year we started the holiday festivities last week.
My little guys are still pretty young, and definitely don’t “get” Christmas yet, but I am excited to start traditions now that they will remember and anticipate in years to come.  My desire for my children is that they have the same sort of memories attached to the season as I do.  As a time when, for a moment, everything is right with the world.  As a time where the true meaning and spirit of Christmas are forefront.  As a time when the art of giving is perfected.  As a time when pettiness and ill feelings are cast aside, and forgiveness, love, and unity abound.  As a time to cherish as a family.

One of those traditions is going to pick out a Christmas tree.  Here’s our stab at a family pic from our outing!

Another tradition is decorating the tree and the house the day after getting the tree picked out!  We actually did most of the decorating once the kids were in bed, but here are some cute pictures of the boys pre-bedtime!

Now if I could only teach Jake that grabbing the ornaments off the tree is inappropriate…:)

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