What Happens In a Week…

16 Nov

I’ve got nothing.  Well, nothing profound anyway.
Then again, who says I always have to be profound?!
Instead of profundity, I thought I’d quickly share a snapshot of this week…

Monday was a holiday, so we had a family day at the Calgary Zoo!
It was a great time…not too cold out, Cole was a happy camper the whole time, and Jake had a blast, except for the part where he got a piece of yarn from my pom-pom stuck in his throat!

Tuesday night my husband and I attended a seminar hosted by PREP.  It was an information night about a long-term savings plan geared towards individuals with disabilities, called the RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan).  It was also about Estate Planning, and how to make sure that your child with disabilities is provided for in the event that you are no longer around.  My husband and I both came out of the meeting a little shell-shocked ~ so much to think about, so much preparation to be done, so much cause for worry.  My head is still swimming…

Wednesday brought with it a trip to the Physical Therapist for an update and evaluation.  Jake was such a superstar for her!  She noticed right away how much progress he’s made in a very short period of time ~ he was accomplishing tasks on Wednesday that he hadn’t been doing when she had seen him five days earlier.  He is progressing every day.  He is getting stronger.  He is gaining confidence.  This is fantastic news, and what I need to stay focused on.  The harder news to stomach…while Jake is doing amazing, his gross motor skills at present rival those of a typical 10-month old.  As much as I know that this is going to be our life, it still rocks me to the core to hear the stark reality of how far behind my child is.  I often wonder how one tiny event, such as the fantastic progress that Jake is making, can simultaneously hold so much cause for celebration and heartbreak.

On Thursday I was overflowing with pride.  I met up with two dear friends who I used to work with, and we got to catch up and meet each others’ kids.  As we sat together and I watched them interact with Jake, I felt so proud of my son, and so humbled to be the mom of such a great kid.  His smile melted them.  His personality drew them to him.  His joy was contagious.  I think all three of us women were blessed by each others’ presence.  I know I was…

And that brings us to today…Friday!!  Music Therapy, Drop-in Group Therapy, and a chance for brothers to just be brothers and play together…

Happy Weekend!


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2 responses to “What Happens In a Week…

  1. Lois Haines

    November 17, 2012 at 9:16 am

    Karen you amaze me more and more with every letter. It is wonderful to see the boys progressing but to me the most amazing thing is how you handle it with love, care and just everything a mother needs, I had 5 children and I am sure I would not have been able to do what you do. I love you so much and pray for Gods strength for you. Love aunti Lois.

  2. Tara Robertson (@tarasview)

    November 19, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    I know those feelings so well- the feeling of being so proud and so completely freaked out all at the same time. I have those moments in meetings at school now- the latest one being during our IEP (individual education plan) meeting where we were talking about how Aiden is doing in Grade 5. They were telling me the good stuff and then I reminded myself that he is at a grade 2 level. And I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach repeatedly. And then they started talking about preparing for highschool and what independence level he will be at and my mind started to shut down with the sheer horror of it all because sometimes I just can’t go there.

    So I go back to focusing on the fact that YAY! he can get through a whole day of school without beating the crap out of himself or bashing his head into a wall or throwing a massive tantrum out of frustration… and YAY he didn’t hit anyone or kick anyone today and YAY! he can read! So what if it is at a grade 2 level. It is better than a grade 1 level.

    And then I cry for awhile and pick myself up again and work on the stupid IEP and figure out how we will work towards making sure my kid can potentially graduate highschool someday maybe.

    It is such a roller coaster 🙂

    The picture of the two of you in this post is just beautiful by the way.



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