Day 25 of 31 ~ Traditions ~

26 Oct

I absolutely LOVE traditions.  I cherish the memories that I have from when I was a kid, and the traditions that are attached to those memories.  I deeply desire to create the same kind of traditions and magical moments for my kids.  I know they are still really young, but hey, it’s never too early to start:)

Back when Curtis and I were both single, my sister and her husband started the tradition of Survivor nights.  Actually, they started the tradition with Curtis…I joined in a couple of years in.  Every Thursday night we would go over to their house, eat their food, play with their children, and watch Survivor.  Oh, and have I mentioned that we still do?!  Years and years later, through singleness, flirting, dating, breaking up, getting back together, getting married, and having kids of our own, we are still at their house on Thursday nights.  It has grown and expanded to include other close friends over the years too.  What a great tradition!

Occasionally on these Thursday nights, we’ll throw in other traditions as well.  Every year we carve pumpkins together.  It started with one pumpkin for one child, and has progressed through the years.  Tonight we carved 7 pumpkins!  It is chaotic, messy, and usually involves some sort of melt-down, but it is so much fun, and a time I know our kids will remember fondly.

Tonight was kind of a perfect storm of events for Jake though.  First, we were out all day…consequently, Jake was more tired than usual (he did nap, but he never naps as well when he’s not in his own bed).  Second, I think he was feeling a bit off today.  He didn’t seem interested in food, and his eye looked like it was getting a little bit infected.  So by the time pumpkin-carving was on the menu, he was not a happy camper (insert comment here about kicking the stereotype that individuals with Down syndrome are happy all the time!).  The rest of us had a great time, but Jake will maybe not look back so fondly on this year’s pumpkin-carving tradition.  Oh well…there’s always next year:)

Some pumpkin-carving action! We had too many pumpkins this year, so we had to take shifts. These are the first 4!

Jake is not sure about this…

…and decided that he was tired, and not having any of it!

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One response to “Day 25 of 31 ~ Traditions ~

  1. Kathy L

    October 29, 2012 at 11:41 am

    I suspect that Jake will be busting through sterotypes for a long time to come…. : )


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