Day 22 of 31 ~ More Q&A ~

22 Oct

I have a couple more questions that I wanted to take a stab at today.  They all pertain specifically to Jake, so I thought I’d answer them all at once!

Question #1: why is Jakers so freakin’ cute?!?
Question #2: why is Jake so stinkin’ hilarious?

These questions came from one of Jake’s Aunties, and can be answered very easily with one word…Curtis!!  Curtis is my husband.  Looks-wise, Jake is so freakin’ cute because he looks like his dad (who I also happen to think is pretty cute!).  Personality-wise, Jake is so stinkin’ hilarious because he has his dad’s personality!  He is honestly the most easy-going, laid-back, happy, funny kid you will ever meet.  Just like his dad.

Question #3: How is Jake doing with his new brother?

As far as I can tell, Jake is doing great.  Part of that probably has to do with the fact that they are only 14 months apart, so Jake was still pretty young when Cole was born.  I feel like this has helped him adjust easier.  He doesn’t seem to get jealous of him, and he is such an independent little guy, which bodes well for the times when I do have to do things specifically for Cole.

He does like to pull his brother’s hair (it’s a pretty great target, he has a lot of it!).  He also really loves to poke at Cole’s eyes, put his fingers in his mouth, and just generally grab at his face (none of which Cole is a huge fan of).  Whenever Cole is on the ground, or on his play mat, or in his chair, he is Jake’s target!  I think it’s honestly that Jake is just fascinated by him at this point.  I’ve never seen anything resembling aggression, anger, or frustration towards Cole, which I am so thankful for.  So all, in all, I think he’s a great big brother.  The pictures speak for themselves though…

Also, on a totally separate note, today was an interesting day.

This morning we met with our FSCD worker.  FSCD stands for “Family Support for Children with Disabilities”.  It is a provincial government program that is designed to come alongside families and provide funding, so that families can access supports and services to help their kids.  Every year we meet to renew our contract and discuss goals for the following year.  Today was our turn to meet our new worker.

I was nervous about the meeting.  I know that the system is in place to help, but I also know that it gets a bad rap.  I know many families who have become disillusioned with the system, and see it as more of a hindrance than a help.  I know it is a very subjective system, and depends a lot on the worker that the family is assigned.  So yes, I was nervous.

Thankfully, our meeting went fairly well.  I felt there was a mutual respect present.  I felt that we were able to voice our concerns and to advocate for our son.  I feel as though we are working as a team with our worker, to ensure services for Jake.  So all in all, I felt like today was a win.  And man am I ever relieved:)

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One response to “Day 22 of 31 ~ More Q&A ~

  1. Anne Keinick

    October 23, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Awesome!! I have a great FCSD worker too and it makes all the difference. I am glad that your meeting went well.


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