Day 10 of 31 ~ A Day in the Life ~

10 Oct

Jake is a fish:)

Today we decided to go swimming at our local pool!  We packed up, loaded up, and headed out, to meet up with my sister and her kids, and a couple of other friends and their kids.  Here is Jake and one of his little friends, sitting in the water just talking away to each other!

Jake absolutely loves the water.  Whether it is taking a bath, playing at the splash park in the summer, being at the beach, or swimming in a pool, Jake is in heaven in the water.  He would stay in all day if I let him.  The kiddie pool at the place we were at today is perfect too, because it is the perfect height for Jake to be able to army crawl around the whole pool, without me being worried about him going in too deep.

Cole really seems to like it too!  Every time we have gone, he has just sat with me and taken everything in.  He is very content the whole time, is not fussy at all, and is just loving life hanging out with his momma.  We usually go over to the hot tub at the end and I stick his feet in, and every time we are in the hot tub, he just gets so relaxed by the hot water that he falls asleep!  He is honestly so adorable in the water:)

Today was just for fun, but we are looking forward with great anticipation to the day that water therapy starts up again.  Last year Jake was in water therapy every week at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  It is a chance for him to enjoy the water, but also to work with a PT (Physical Therapist) on gross motor skills, using the water as a medium to make things more challenging.  It hasn’t started up yet this fall, but the last I heard the end of October was the start date.  So hopefully soon the water therapy will once again become part of our weekly routine.

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One response to “Day 10 of 31 ~ A Day in the Life ~

  1. Johanna

    October 11, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Phoenix loved water therapy too. I’m sad that we can’t participate any more due to our work schedules. It’s the one aspect of staying at home with Phoenix that I really miss – the freedom to participate in activities like this or PREP. Looks like your boys has a ton on fun swimming. Great pics:)


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