Day 5 of 31 ~ A Day in the Life ~

06 Oct

Fridays are therapy days around our house:)

The Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Child Development Center here in our city are amazing.  They have a great team of people who are all collaborating with parents to give us the best help and resources possible.

On Friday mornings we go to a music therapy group, and an open play group.  During the music portion of the morning, we are led by a music therapist who works at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  The time is characterized by lots of singing, actions, and hands-on experiences with instruments such as shakers, bells, rainmakers, other assorted musical oddities, and Jake’s personal favorite…the big, big drum:)

You may not know it if you were an innocent bystander watching our music therapy class, but each class is specifically designed to work on skills with the children.  From focusing skills, to appropriate signs and actions, to listening to instructions, to following a modicum of order and structure, the 45 minute class is designed to allow learning to happen, doing it through a medium that Jake absolutely loves.

The second half of the two-hour morning is taken up by an open play group.  During this time, the OT (Occupational Therapist), PT (Physical Therapist), SLP (Speech Language Pathologist), Social Worker, and Child Development Specialist are all present.  This allows for each parent to be able to speak with each specialist about their specific needs and/or concerns regarding their individual child.  And while this is happening, Jake gets to play!  Today they were playing with tactile toys, so they pulled out the water buckets and foam soap.  As you can tell, Jake was enthralled!

And while Jake was getting soapy and wet, I was learning about how to teach him “mmm” sounds (ma, moo, etc…), how to navigate the phase of teething and eating, what to work on with him with regards to gross motor skills, and some signs for farm animals that I can sign to Jake at home.  A productive day for all!

I will leave you with one more picture for today, just because I couldn’t resist!  It was chilly outside this morning, so Jake and Cole got to wear their matching hats:)
Cole fell asleep in the car on the way home, and so his hat had shifted to cover his eyes, but nevertheless, it is an adorable picture, if I do say so myself!


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2 responses to “Day 5 of 31 ~ A Day in the Life ~

  1. Merissa

    October 6, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    omygosh, love the water pictures and THOSE HATS!! Karyn, you are such a good mom. I think i bragged to about 3 people about you last week.
    Love you !

  2. Jenny

    October 7, 2012 at 10:16 am

    Such a beautiful picture!!!


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