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08 Jul

Well, we finally got the glasses!  And let’s be honest, I think Jake looks pretty darn cute in them.  Wouldn’t you agree??!!  If he wasn’t a spitting image of his dad before, he certainly is now!  The only thing is, we have not put his “ears” (his hearing band) on since we got the glasses.  I just feel overwhelmed and I want him to be okay with one thing before I bombard him with both things.  So these days, we either choose seeing or hearing!  (although, as a side note, I feel like he is still hearing pretty well, even without his band on).

We’ve had a busy few days, and have some cute pics to show for it!  Between celebrating my husband’s birthday, going to the Calgary Stampede for Jake’s first Stampede experience, having 2 bonfires in 3 days, and hitting up the water park in our community a couple of times, Jake has had a great week!  Here are some pics to show how much fun he’s been having…

Having a blast at our community water park…FINALLY it’s hot enough to enjoy:)

Jake and Daddy at Jake’s first Calgary Stampede experience. We even bought him his own cowboy hat!

Watermelon is Jake’s absolute favorite food!

The countdown is on!  Only 9 more days until Baby Slater #2 shows up!  Yep, I am scheduled for a c-section in 9 days, so unless he decides to come early, I only have nine more precious days to spend with Jake before life as we know it is going to change drastically.

If I were to share my honest and unfiltered thoughts and emotions, this is what I would say:  I am really excited to add another little one to our family!  But I am also having doubts about my ability to do the most I can for Jake with a new little one.  I desperately want to provide Jake with the most opportunities possible, with the best attention that I can, and I want to give him every possible avenue for success, whatever that looks like.

Right now I spend a lot of one-on-one time with him, playing, doing therapy (through play), trying to teach him about his world.  And I am scared.  Scared that I won’t have the time to devote to him, and that he will not flourish as a result.  Scared that my best will not be enough.  Scared that I will always look back and think “I should have done more”.

I know in my head that it is not all about me.  I know in my head that Jake is going to be just fine.  I know in my head that I have family and friends who love my child to death, and who will do everything in their power to help me raise him well.  I know in my head that it takes a village to raise a child.  I just need to allow that knowledge to permeate my heart.  To allow that knowledge to empower me to do what I can, and to know that there are others who will be there (and already are) to fill in where I am weak.

So…see you on the flip side:)

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One response to “Some Randomness…

  1. Rachelle

    July 9, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Karyn,I love the summer pis of Jake! I can’t believe you’ll have another little one in just a few days (although your pregnancy has probably gone a lot slower for you than me!). I’ll be praying for you, Curtis, and Jake as you adjust to another family member, and I’m sure that you’ll be an amazing mom to both.


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