01 May

…And that is what Jake has decided to do in the last couple of weeks…go, go, go!!

He is sitting up like a pro now, which is so encouraging.  I remember the day, not too long ago, where I seriously questioned whether or not he would ever get the hang of sitting up.  I recall being weepy, emotional, and so discouraged.  What was I thinking?!  Now he sits like a pro…most of the time:)

As soon as he mastered the sitting, he was on to the next challenge…moving.  First, he started to realize that he could use his mad rolling skills to get places!  But then he also realized that he could army crawl.  And thus opens up a whole new world for Jake!  I am a proud mama!

He doesn’t have enough upper body strength to actually get up on all fours and crawl yet, but he is definitely starting to get the hang of the army crawl.  So much so that the other day, while my back was turned, he used a combination of rolling and army crawling to get so close to the stairs that if I hadn’t turned around and looked when I did, he would have had his first major tumble!  I guess it’s officially time for a baby gate…

In other news, we are on the move!  Our family is heading out to Ontario for the weekend, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Celebration for the church that I grew up in and worked at for a couple of years.  The first time we took Jake on a plane, he was 3 months old and slept the entire time.  I have a feeling this is going to be a very different plane experience!  We’ll fill you in after the weekend!  (Oh, and for all my wonderful family in Ontario, we have a jam-packed weekend, but we are coming back out to Ontario at the end of the summer for two weeks, and are looking forward to making plans to see all of you!!)

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One response to “And…Go…!!

  1. Merissa

    May 1, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    You are a good mama! not just a proud mama.
    Love you guys, Karyn.


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