10 Things I Love About You…

29 Aug

I have been struggling with writing another blog entry lately, because I keep thinking to myself, “this blog should be about something big that’s happening in our lives”.  I mean, my first post was pretty momentous, and my second post was pretty emotional.  Isn’t this what life with a child who has Down syndrome is supposed to be like?  And then I saw it…that life is pretty normal, no matter what your circumstance.  There will be major ups and downs in everyone’s lives, but that creating an epic story does not mean that life has to be in constant turmoil.  This realization has been very reassuring to me!

So, instead of the turmoil, here are 10 things from my day-to-day life that I love about my amazing little Jakey! (in no particular order…)

1.  I love that Jake is holding eye contact really well now, and I feel like he’s looking into my soul and seeing how much he is loved.
2.  I love that he is learning how to find his thumb.  He is definitely going to be a thumb-sucker, and it is SO CUTE!
3.  I love his little cooing noises.  Whenever he is awake, he is always making noises at me.
4.  I love nursing him.  I think it is even more special, because he was tube-fed for the first 5 weeks of life, and I was worried that he would never be able to learn how to nurse.  I love it that he learned so quickly, and that he is such a pro.
5.  I love that he is such a squirmy guy!  It started in utero, but has definitely just progressed since then.  He is always flailing his arms and kicking his legs all around.  I think he’s just practicing his soccer kicks!
6.  I love that after I nurse him in the middle of the night, the best way to get him to go back to sleep without spitting up is to curl him up on the bed next to me and tuck his little body into mine.  He just relaxes right away, and is so content (and so am I!)
7.  I love giving him a bath.  He loves the bath, and can be super upset before he gets in, but as soon as he feels the water on him, he calms right down and has a great old time!  We are going to start swimming lessons in the fall!
8.  I LOVE the way he looks when I’m holding him up to burp after I feed him.  His little eyes just go so wide, and his little mouth hangs open a little bit, and it is so dang cute!  It is my favorite face of his.
9.  I love his faces.  He has the biggest range of facial expressions of anyone I’ve ever seen, and I have fallen in love with all of them!
10.  I LOVE that he is just at the beginning stages of learning how to smile!  And laugh.  It is so gratifying to get the little half-smile, and know that it is intentional.  It is the BEST feeling in the world to have your kid smile at you and know that he is beginning to interact with you!

So, the conclusion of the matter is this…I am so thankful for the everyday blessings and joys of parenthood.  Thanks for allowing me to be a mom Jake!

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