A Poem…

05 Aug

A few days after we found out about Jake’s diagnosis, my mother-in-law wrote this poem for us, and for Jake.  It still makes me cry whenever I read it, even though the initial shock and grief has worn off and been replaced with excitement and anticipation.  Every time I read this poem, it makes me need to go in to my room when Jake is sleeping, and just look at his perfectly-formed little body, and marvel at what a gift Curtis and I have been given.


God created everything.
The heavens, sky and earth.
And God created babies,
And the miracle of birth.

He made those tiny little hands.
He made those tiny toes.
He made that little tummy,
And that perfect little nose.

He knows each little person
Before they’re even born.
He knit each one together
In the womb, so safe and warm.

He sees each one as perfect.
He’s familiar with their ways.
He promises to hold them fast
And guide them all their days.

He chose a special family
For His precious little Jake
And knew that he would be so loved.
God’s choice was no mistake.

God knew Jake’s special challenges
Might cause their hearts to ache.
And seeing them in so much pain
Would make His own heart break.

God gives no explanations
And yet He gives us Hope.
And asks that we would trust in Him
For the strength in which to cope.

Hope’s not about what isn’t.
I often times forget.
Hope for us is so much more.
It’s about what isn’t yet.

All the days ordained for Jake,
Had long ago been planned.
We hold on to God’s promise.
That one day we’ll understand.

God loves you so much, Baby Jake.
Your family loves you too.
You truly are a gift from God.
And we thank the Lord for you.

-Maureen Slater (Jake’s Grandma)-


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2 responses to “A Poem…

  1. Sandy

    August 7, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    This is so incredibly beautiful! It definitely draws you closer to the reality of God’s plan, even though we don’t often understand it. Karyn, you and Curtis are chosen, under God’s plan and are so incredibly blessed with little Jake!! Love you both to pieces…Sandy ♥

  2. Merissa

    August 10, 2011 at 12:23 am



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